A player that has played in Betalands server for over a year, joined June 2017. His 1st town being in was "TheHouse".

That town died tho, so he joined jm03 and FoxyFoxMcCloud in Pancevo. During that time he helped some builds and even started that failed shit in the nether, which was a railway system. Pancevo died tho so he quit again and helped Swag to make his town Swagland, later he moved to Minecraftowo. in 2018 after a short break from the server he joined Trinity, then became a mayor of Pancevo and he ruled the town with co-mayors Parallax_2004 and Matuxas.

Few other players joined and some new builds appeared, but due the lack of interest in the town they quit. At the end Matuxas and Xerut made Pancevo a town with the popular archive rooms and a direct connection to spawn. A bit before the reset Xerut quit. Some days later tho he came back to see the new map, he switched 2 towns NNR2.0 and helped to make the town hall in New Swagland. Since he saw the new map he might quit again (lul).