History Edit

Chewy era Edit

Truopolis was created around the November- December of 2017. it was created by the player named TheTrueChewy. Town grew very fast, so it quickly became a metropolis. However Truopolis had some conflicts with a town called Swagland as it was another growing town so Truopolis kinda competed with it. Meanwhile, Chewy hired a skilled builder called Pawelwader to build a huge mansion for him. It was never ended. As the time went by, Chewy had more and more conflicts with the other towns, even got banned for several days. Main mistake of the city was to invite every new player that joined the server, because most of them would leave the day after or even faster. In a period when chewy was banned no people were invited so the town looked very empty as only 1 - 2 players would be online (That was a really small number by Truopolis standards). Town started a tax system so it got even more hate, plus it had territory problems with a town of Kazakhstan, as Truopolis claimed enormous amount of land throughout the server. After sometime Chewy finally listened to other towns suggestions to stop tax system and join their nation of FBT. But several days later after this joining of a nation Chewy dissapeared.

Matuxas era Edit

Several months passed after Chewy left and it looked like town was forgotten, because there was no one who would still play and live in Truopolis, with exception of Matuxas which lived in Hillville then. He had a chat with Swagland's mayor Swaglicious_R, and Matuxas thought he could revive the Truopolis if he got the mayorship. Swag told him, that as a mayor he could unclaim territories which were not even used for living, but for no reason, or even invite people again and fully revive the town. Matuxas got the mayorship and started to clean the town. He wanted to unclaim the useless territories but most of them were finally unclaimed by staff or Chewy himself. Matuxas built a tree farm and with the help of admins deleted huge pile of Furnaces (Used for glass manufacturing), He just wanted that the town would be ready to welcome new people, but at the last moment he understood he's not very good at leading and had a chat with Sweetz that he likes a quet life as a citizen more than a life as a mayor. Several days later he lost his mayorship, it was given to a player called Freakd, but he joins very rarely. Town still stands dead, and no one had an idea to revive it and Matuxas is still playing as the last man from Truopolis...