Table of Contents

1.Main Point

2. Town History

3. Land Marks

Main Point

Welcome to the official Pandalands artcle! Pandalands, a town created in April 2018 by me Chrispanda! and many changes have happened to it since then, such as cactus farms, hotels, ships, large signs, and so much more! As of August 19, 2018, there are 24 people in this town! Many have come on once and never again, such as GrandPaladin, and some others

Town History

The town originated as a spawn area in february 2018 and then in april 2018 was created to be a town to all, i couldnt make a town back in february 2018 because towny was down. Then in june 2018, we became part of the Trinity Nation. fast-forward to 2 months later, and ive got 24 members here and much more stuff!

Land Marks

We've got the Windows logo, the church, the two ships, the lava tower, the hotel, the cactus farm, the sugarcane farm, and my old house which was the first building in town built in february 2018.