Town History Edit

LazorLand, also "The Best Town Close to Spawn" was created in April 5, 2018 by veteran MasterlazorX on the day of his birthday, after he left the town Trinity.

After finding a perfect spot that is clear of other towns for a new town, despite it's location being around 200-300 blocks from spawn.

Soon, he began claiming areas around it, fixed up an abandoned, griefed castle and converted it into a farms.

Eventually, players began joining too, though many became inactive within a week of joining.

In the meantime, many things were happening, the town's mine was built, a hangout area was next to spawn, the cacti farm was expanding, there was a large new mob grinder, a nearby cathedral was built, a underwater base, and the town was getting popular for having a large cacti farm very close to spawn.


Dynamic Map of LazorLand and Spawn on June 20, 2018 shows how close the town is to spawn.

Later Events and Death Edit

The Westward Expansion soon came and he began claiming to the further west of town claiming over 700 chunks of area.

After the ffin's cacti farm was made, MasterlazorX followed and made an extension to his cacti farm, making it even larger with not only anti-lag features but it is also available to the public. Soon, the aforementioned farm attracted much attention not only due to it's high quantity of drops but also it's proximity to spawn.

After August 16th, MasterlazorX went on a hiatus and didn't come on much up until after Jilm took the map.

During the time, there were other events, such as drama and controversy were occuring.

Also during this time, towny broke, causing the town to have minor griefs and vandalism.

On August 24, Jilm decided to leave the community claiming "Drama reasons" and proceded to attack Retrolands and immediately after, Betalands and took the Betalands map, thus the town reached it's demise.

The town's death was finally confirmed on August 26 when Sweetz decided on a new map after a vote, on the same day, LazorLand II was founded on the new map.