Minecraft - Beta Server 1.7.3 - 2018 - Official Release LOOK IN DESC

Minecraft - Beta Server 1.7.3 - 2018 - Official Release LOOK IN DESC. NEW IP

History of BetaLands

Originally, I, Sweetz had been creating servers since 2012 and had been interested in configuring plugins. About the time of early (March) 2015 I decided to go back to old beta since the new Minecraft launcher had released an easier way to go back to historical versions. I launched an old beta world and was relieved with instant nostalgia due to the shadows, sounds (at the time), and just pure memories of when I was younger first learning about the game.
I then created BetaLands first on an unknown date, est. mid-late May 2015, which at first it was private for only my 3 friends and I. These people's usernames were ItzTarg3t, Texas3, and ZachDupp. I extremely enjoyed playing with my friends at this pace and version that I thought since I had experience hosting servers that I'd create a server that'd soon be known as BetaLands. ZachDupp and I spawned on a small beach next to a canyon which was soon known as cobbleville (see picture).

On June 5th, 2015 I posted a video which is above (see video), which quickly gained lots of attraction and many people joined and were interested in the idea. Therefore, I decided to expand on the idea, mass advertise it, and grow what would be known as the server we have today.

Modern Day BetaLands

BetaLands has been running more solid and clean since ever before, not counting minor (major) staff problems. We have been running events for halloween, christmas, and new years for the past 2 years, decorating spawn and changing mob drops. This has helped the server become more community based and expand exponetionally.
If you've gotten this far and play on BetaLands, I'd like to thank you for being apart of this amazing community. Honestly, there's nothing better a server owner could ask for than a caring community that welcomes new players and is nice to one another. After the fact, that there are some players who aren't very nice or try and ruin the community, everyone still is awesome. Thank you :)