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Evan, whom has gone by many nicknames over the past couple years, is an old player and former moderator on BetaLands. He is a former owner of Trinity, current owner of Beta Valley, the Trinity Discord, and is one of the oldest players still playing on the server.

Personal Information Edit

Evan is a fifteen/sixteen year old blonde male. He is a huge Horror enthusiast, and a huge music lover. He is a fan of mostly Progressive Rock and Metal. Among his favorite artists are Rush, Opeth, Dream Theater, Death, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Genesis, Yes, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Dio, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Fates Warning, and Queensryche. Evan is also an amateur Animation historian, and is a huge fan of theatrical animation from the Animation Golden Age (1920's-1960's). His all time favorite TV shows are Frasier (1993-2004) and Cheers (1982-1993). Outside of BetaLands, he is very interested in the things listed.

Background and History with Betalands (April 2017) Edit

Evan joined BetaLands on April 04th, 2017, only a couple weeks before his birthday. He was bored on that day, and figured he would look for a Minecraft Beta server to play on. He joined the server, and was greeted by an old former player by the name of edvin, and he invited Evan to join his base. Evan accepted the invite, moved in, and spent the first couple hours on the server just getting started. edvin left shortly after, and the only other players that were on were LegoMaster2149, ElfProductions, and DynamicWarfare. To this day, Dynamic is still Evan's best friend on the server.

Evan started getting to know the three of them, and shortly after, teleported to them. When he did so, he spawned in the foyer of his now beloved mountain house, although, at the time, it was all cobblestone and oak wood, and the only rooms were the foyer and guest bedroom. He thought the house was fairly cool, and he was very impressed with the terrain. After this, he decided to move into what would later become Beta Valley, and arguably, Trinity as we know it today.

The next day, Evan moved into the Beta Valley mountain house, where his primary residence still is to this very day. Although, the first thing he did was create his own bedroom. Shortly after, Evan built the first building to ever be created in Beta Valley, and one of the first in Trinity; the original mining shack. Over the next couple days, it remained just Evan, Lego, Dynamic and Elf living together in the house. Evan built the now infamous Nether portal shrine during this time. Over the course of April 2017, more players started moving in to Beta Valley. One notable player being Superzach1 (now known as WonderWaffleHD), who's house is still on top of the hill to this very day. This was when Beta Valley was an independent, active base, and everybody just had fun.

At one point, whilst just building, a player asked Evan (whom was starting to become the leader of Beta Valley) what the name of the then independent base should be. Off the top of his head, he said "uh, how about Beta Valley?" And the name just stuck forever... even if Evan hates the name.Towards the end of April, more people started to move out of the house, and create their own houses in Beta Valley. Around late April, a player named THICC grieved Beta Valley, though rather pathetically, and almost all the players began to disappear from BetaLands. It was around this time Evan lost motivation, and decided he would [quit] the server due to lack of motivation.

Period of Leaving the Server (April-May 2017) Edit

After the grief of Beta Valley, and almost every player left, Evan began to lose motivation, and thus decided to leave the server [for good]. This leaving obviously did not last very long, as he returned a month later. However, while he was gone, some notable things happened.

> Dynamic founded Hyperion after he felt that Beta Valley was dying.

> Beta Valley was merged with Betaville and Hyperion to create what is now the biggest, most famous town on the entire server, Trinity.

> One of the most controversial changes, RichardMcKee (Leii, Geii Leii) became mayor of Trinity, as he was the one who merged the three areas.

Return to the Server, and Continuation of the Golden Age (May 2017-July 2017) Edit

On May 30th, 2017, Evan began to wonder what was happening on the server, and decided to log on for a one off look around session. When he logged on, he was confused to have lost all his items somehow, and found he could not do anything in Beta Valley. He also noticed to new things in Beta Valley; the floating ship and Dynamic's huge ass sugar cane farm. After he saw Lego join the server, he began catching up with him, and learned about the merge with the other two towns, creating Trinity. He managed to get started again, and continued on as usual, and hasn't looked back since.

During the Leii era of the Golden Age, he basically just continued exactly the same as he did in April. He, as well as Lego, played on the server almost every day, building in Beta Valley, and knew almost every player by name, something which is no longer true, as most of his friends have left at this point.

Trinity Silver Age and Dark Ages (August 2017-January 2018) Edit

After the Trinity Golden Age ended on July 31st, 2017, August started (that's how months work). August of 2017 is considered the Trinity Silver Age. The Silver Age was still a good era for Trinity, but this marks when Trinity started to die out, going from a massive town, more so to just a regular old town. This could primarily be because of people going back to school.

Evan started playing less around this time, mainly because of school, and not because of lack of interest. Then comes September 2017, the beginning of the end for Trinity (or so we thought). An era which is considered to be the worst, most depressing time in Trinity's existence. The Trinity Dark Age (or Bronze Age if you aren't a cynical bastard like I am). This era is the most infamous era in Trinity's history, and widely regarded as the worst time for the town, and some people argue, the server in general. During this era, Evan was having a severe lack of motivation due to how badly Trinity seemed to be doing. During the dark age, Evan would only log on roughly ten times during all those months. He wouldn't play for sometimes as long as a month, and then come on for a one off session, then go inactive again. There was one period where he didn't appear on the server or the Betalands Discord for over a month.

This was also the era where RichardMcKee was banned. Notably, he is one of the players whom people tend to have the most distaste for.

Vetam Becoming Mayor, and Current Activities (February 2018-) Edit

In February 2018, _Vetam33_ became mayor of Trinity, replacing RichardMcKee (Leii, Geii Leii). This sparked the Trinity renaissance, which lasted up until April 2018. During this period, Evan became more motivated to play again, as Trinity finally had a mayor who wasn't a total fuck up, according to popular opinion. To this day, Evan has started playing actively again, trying to get on at least once a week, and he is still working hard as ever to improve and grow not just Beta Vallry, but Trinity in general.

Sometime in March, even though he had always technically been an owner, Evan was officially recognized as an owner of Trinity, along with Vetam, Revok, and DynamicWarfare, which Evan considers his three best friends on the server.

In April 2018, Evan created a new Trinity Discord server (it's a long story), and that Discord is still used to this very day

On April 04th, 2018, Evan had his one year anniversary on Betalands, and shortly after, was officially recognized as a Betalands veteran.

On August 25th, 2018 [I believe that's the exact date] he became a moderator on Betalands

One of the most important dates in BetaLands history. August 24th, 2018, when Jilm stole the map from Sweetz. This hit the entire server really hard, as the year and a half of progress was all lost. On August 26th, 2018, Sweetz added a new map to the server, and Evan became the co-owner, along with Dynamic and Revok, of Betaville, named after the original settlement of the same name, and is basically the Trinity of the new map.

Around October, for reasons that are private, Evan indefinitely took a break from BetaLands. Evan came back on New Years Day of 2018, after tying up things with people that were left untied. Previously, Fixer-EU saved a large portion of the old map a couple weeks before it was stolen, including all of Trinity. Sweetz gave permission for Evan to build and start Towny on the old map, allowing him to continue Trinity.

As of the beginning of 2019, Evan has officiclly returned to BetaLands, and is now the mayor of Trinity. Of course, along with his faithful companions, Dynamic and Revok. Revok runs Betaville, which is basically just Trinity on the old map. Evan runs Trinity itself, and Dynamic is just... he's always one of the owners.

As of today, he continues doing what he's always loved doing. Running Beta Valley, and just having fun with his friends. After all, that is the entire reason he stayed on BetaLands in the first place.

Fun Facts Edit

> He is one of the oldest, longest playing players on Betalands, he is estimaed to be somewhere around the 20th oldest player on the server

> His favorite drink is A&W Cream Soda

> His favorite colors are red and hot pink (as you can probably tell by the Trinity Discord)

> He is not a fan of video games, surprisingly enough

> He has a YouTube channel that he's trying to grow, but he still has a long way to go

> His oldest friend on Betalands is DynamicWarfare, whom he met on the very first day he joined

> Despite primarily living in the Beta Valley mountain house, he has three houses scattered around Betalands, and an unofficial fourth home that his cousin built for the lulz

> His skin is of a tamed wolf in a Santa hat

> He has a snowman in Beta Valley named Chad (yes this is worth it's own bullet point)

> The name EvantheMovieGuy is the name of Evan's YouTube channel, where he plans to do videos discussing cinema, particularly Horror cinema. The name sucks, but it makes sense.