Description of What the Staff Do Edit

The Betalands staff is a group of a bunch of cucks with way too much time on their hands, so they spend it acting like an authority figure on a Minecraft server. Most of the staff are WHITE MALES, and they are the people who moderate this hellhole, and keep it somewhat civil. The staff team consists of about twenty one overall, but out of those, only like six are active

The Staff Members Edit


Sweetz: The creator of Betalands, he is solely responsible for all of this, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you


Space- An inactive admin who does... whatever he does

Storm- An admin who does... err

Disckord- An admin who was loyal to Sweetz, and very active during the Johny drama, and then went totally inactive

Zyga- A tech admin who doesn't do much anymore, but he's still kinda active... I guess

Jilm- Shhhhhhh, we don't speak of him anymore

Swaglicious_R- The only admin who really ever does any work anymore


DeadlyDirtBlock- He's a moderator who is still technically active... but is he really?????????

FlamingSword21- An annoying moderator who plays CS:GO too much

EvantheMovieGuy- An older player on the server who thinks he is "the Mod God", but he's just... a mod... not a God...

MasterLazorX- A mod who does mod stuff


FoxyFoxMcCloud- Since all the devs have left, Foxy is the only one left, and he's also the most inactive one... as well as the most ACTIVE one... scary, right?